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Jazzy Ash & The Leaping Lizards features a live five-piece New Orleans jazz band! Families enjoy their favorite Jazzy Ash songs and hear a live ukulele, guitar, banjo, accordion, fiddle, bass, trombone, sax, washboard and drums!

Every musician in the band is also a professional music educator. That means kids get to dance and learn all about New Orleans music & culture, all at the same time!

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Jazzy Ash is a celebrated songwriter, music educator; founder of Leaping Lizards Music Programs, and now performs nationally with her band as Jazzy Ash and the Leaping Lizards.

Ash grew up dually influenced by the music from her mother's hometown of New Orleans, as well as by her father's Trinidadian culture. She trained professionally in music and theater through her high school and college years, and holds a degree in Early Childhood Education.

Jazzy Ash’s music is primarily inspired by her New Orleans roots and early jazz. She is praised by Sirius XM Radio / Kids Place Live as their “favorite new musical discovery.” And the first single from Bon Voyage, “Heebie Jeebies” has already hit #1 on the kids music charts.

Jazzy Ash has had the joy of performing for kiddos & grown-ups in over 50 venues across the country, including World Café Live in Philadelphia, The Rumpus Room (Sirius XM Radio), National Head Start Conference, Louisiana Children’s Museum, & Getty Center.


Jazzy Ash

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Swing Set by Jazzy Ash (Jul 21, 2017)

Bon Voyage by Jazzy Ash (Jul 28, 2015)

Home by Jazzy Ash (Feb 04, 2014)

Ready! by Jazzy Ash (Sep 13, 2013)

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Be Outside by Jazzy Ash (Jul 04, 2020)

Teddy Bear by Jazzy Ash (Jun 05, 2020)

Salmon Song by Jazzy Ash (Nov 01, 2013)

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