District of Columbia

123 Andrés  (Artist)

123 Andrés is the husband-wife team of Andrés and Christina, Latin Grammy winners and native Spanish-speakers. They perform for audiences across the US [...]

Barry Louis Polisar  (Artist)

Barry is an author, songwriter, poet, and performer for children. He’s been singing and releasing albums since 1975 and performs his songs on [...]

King Bullfrog  (Artist)

A high-energy acoustic duo playing folk, blues, world, and original music for kids and their grown-ups. Featuring Mr. Jeremiah and Mr. Steve — [...]

Marsha and the Positrons  (Artist)

Marsha and the Positrons specialize in fun songs about science and how the world works! Led by former cognitive neuroscientist, Marsha Goodman-Wood, Marsha [...]

Ms. Margot  (Artist)

Ms. Margot’s Music is unique, artsy, and all acoustic. “Lovely,” “refreshing,” and “delightful” are words often used to describe her music. An experienced [...]