Stories of hope and happiness are the focus of Asheba’s songs, which range from original lullabies to fast tempo tunes to remakes of classics such as Itsy Bitsy Spider, Five Little Monkeys, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, and You Are My Sunshine .

Now based in Oakland CA, Asheba has been performing at children’s playspaces, museums, schools, libraries, hospitals, festivals and more for the past twelve years.

Because his music is for all ages, abilities and backgrounds, you’ll find children and parents alike joyfully singing, clapping and dancing along to it.

Genres: Caribbean   World  

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  • Songs: 11
  • Released: Sep 08, 2018
  • Songs: 12
  • Duration: 39 min.
  • Released: Aug 20, 2009
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  • Duration: 53 min.
  • Released: Apr 09, 2009
  • Songs: 11
  • Duration: 41 min.
  • Released: Jan 01, 2004

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