Elliott Park  (Artist)

While some of his more recognizable songs thrive in Nashville, his main body of work leans away from trend, toward a more unconventional [...]

Farmer Jason  (Artist)

Motivating children to explore the natural world around them and to appreciate rural culture. [...]

Jessie Baylin  (Artist)

Upon first listen, “Strawberry Wind” sounds like a wonderful new Jessie Baylin record. Her trademark emotive retro-pop vocals shine through, her inherent moody [...]

Miss Lynn  (Artist)

Miss Lynn writes and performs songs for kids and families, and is still learning! [...]

Sean McCollough and Friends  (Artist)

Sean McCollough is the host of the Kidstuff show on WDVX radio in Knoxville and a fixture in the Appalachian folk and Americana [...]