What is Kindie Music?

PlaytimePlaylist.com is dedicated to promoting Kindie Music and the hard working dedicated professionals (and amateurs) that make it, but what is “Kindie” exactly?  The word comes from merging of “Kid” and “Independent”.  But Kindie is so much more than just those two words.

While there is a lot of mass-produced children’s music out there, Kindie artists typically (but not always) work with independent music publishers.  The genre spans a huge range of artists who dedicate a large portion of their lives to making family-friendly music for children. From Folk to Ska to Pop to everything else you can imagine, these artists make GREAT music that kids will love but so will you.

In the Kindie world, you will find an amazing array of styles from a wide range of artists (and sometimes a wide range of styles from the same artist). In this world, artists are free to make music that comes straight from their heart and isn’t bound by commercial formulaic rules.

Kindie Artists do it for the love of music and children not just for a paycheck (but hey, be sure to buy an album or two and try to hit some local shows as well).

PlaytimePlaylist is the most comprehensive collection of Kindie Artists around. Be sure to look around by playlist theme or by location to find some new music that you can enjoy with your kids. Like all music, not everything will appeal to every person. When you find something you like, make sure to make that you like it and add some comments to it to help others find that hidden gem.

As always be sure to leave us your thoughts on what Kindie Music is to you and ways we can help share it with all the families out there to help promote the joy of music with the world.