Andrew & Polly  (Artist)

Andrew & Polly are award-winning music makers and the hosts of Ear Snacks, a podcast for young kids. Their seriously catchy earworms (“Grapes,” [...]

Bobs & Lolo  (Artist)

Bobs & LoLo are four-time JUNO nominated singer-songwriters as well as the creators and stars of the upbeat, musical preschool series – Sing, Dance [...]

Gustafer Yellowgold  (Artist)

Since his creation by Morgan Taylor in 2005, Gustafer Yellowgold has become an international phenomenon, acclaimed by The New York Times, which described Gustafer [...]

Kids Imagine Nation  (Artist)

Join Aaron, Rachel, and Beatz The Robot as they help people by using their imagination.  Anything can happen, and it usually does.   [...]

Parry Gripp  (Artist)

Parry Gripp is a singer-songwriter who is the lead vocalist and guitarist for the pop punk band Nerf Herder. [...]

Rabbit!  (Artist)

Rabbit! is an indie pop group that creates hook-y, happy, bubbly, feel-good music beloved by adults and kids alike. [...]

Rick Huddle  (Artist)

When 5-year old Ricky’s kindergarten teacher asked him what he wanted to be when he grew up, he replied, “A clown- so I [...]

The Lucky Band  (Artist)

The Lucky Band is on the pulse of all things kids music and brings smart, crafty lyrics with irresistibly fresh pop beats. [...]