123 Andrés  (Artist)

123 Andrés is the husband-wife team of Andrés and Christina, Latin Grammy winners and native Spanish-speakers. They perform for audiences across the US [...]

Ants on a Log  (Artist)

The folksy duo write music that songfully advocates for positivity, social justice, and silliness! [...]

Barry Louis Polisar  (Artist)

Barry is an author, songwriter, poet, and performer for children. He’s been singing and releasing albums since 1975 and performs his songs on [...]

Bash the Trash  (Artist)

Bash the Trash builds, performs, and educates using musical instruments made from recycled materials. Bash the Trash was created in 1988 by the [...]

Blue Balloon  (Artist)

Blue Balloon offers in-home private and small group music lessons for kids and adults. Students learn to play an instrument through writing their [...]

Dadada and the Dinos  (Artist)

Dadada and the Dinos combine Funk and Soul from the ’50s, ’60s, and ’70s into something new. From their Philadelphia home, the Dinos [...]

Danny Weinkauf  (Artist)

Danny Weinkauf is a Grammy winning songwriter and longtime bassist for They Might Be Giants. He has produced 4 albums of clever, eclectic, [...]

Elena Moon Park  (Artist)

An all-ages musical party, featuring folk and children’s songs from East Asia and beyond! [...]