Al Start  (Artist)

Contemporary songs for children who are of primary school age (4-10) who are too cool for nursery rhymes but too young for thrash [...]

Alphabet Rockers  (Artist)

Alphabet Rockers make music that makes change. Known as the preeminent children’s hip hop artists to focus on social change and racial justice, [...]

Cowboy Andy & The Salamanders  (Artist)

The Salamanders are a rock and roll group from Missoula, Montana that serves up all original music for kids and families. The band [...]

Jumpin' Jamie  (Artist)

Jumpin’ Jamie plays “kindie rock” for all ages! Best known as the Dinosaur Troubadour at Field Station: Dinosaurs (Leonia, NJ), he has played [...]

Ms. Margot  (Artist)

Ms. Margot’s Music is unique, artsy, and all acoustic. “Lovely,” “refreshing,” and “delightful” are words often used to describe her music. An experienced [...]

Rabbit!  (Artist)

Rabbit! is an indie pop group that creates hook-y, happy, bubbly, feel-good music beloved by adults and kids alike. [...]

Rick Huddle  (Artist)

When 5-year old Ricky’s kindergarten teacher asked him what he wanted to be when he grew up, he replied, “A clown- so I [...]

Señor Fancypants  (Artist)

Señor Fancypants writes catchy indie-pop songs for children or anyone that has ever been a child. [...]