Music Together

Music Together is not a single artist but a global organization that offers early childhood music and movement education programs. Their music style is highly interactive, engaging and intended to foster a bond among children, their families, and caregivers through music. The songs span a variety of music genres, from folk and blues to classical, jazz, and world music.

Music Together’s collection of songs and rhymes are designed to inspire a love for music and support music development in children. They use playful, simple tunes that are easy for children to pick up, encouraging active participation. Not just for kids, they also aim to make music an enjoyable shared family experience. Their music encourages children to explore and express music as an essential part of their everyday life.


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  • Songs: 19
  • Duration: 46 min.
  • Released: Feb 14, 2010
  • Songs: 18
  • Duration: 43 min.
  • Released: Oct 01, 2009
  • Songs: 19
  • Duration: 44 min.
  • Released: Oct 29, 2007
  • Songs: 1
  • Duration: 1 min.
  • Released: Sep 15, 2014

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