New Releases for the Week of October 17, 2020

New releases from Elliott Park, Ron Albanese, Music with Michal, “Weird Al” Yankovic, Tree Tree 123, The Microphone Doctors, The Zambonis, The Swinging Belles, Sonia De Los Santos, Narwhals and Waterfalls, Caspar Babypants, Dirk Scheele, The Story Pirates, Little Parade, Debbie Doo, Frances England, Levity Beet, Mil’s Trills, Don’t Splash Marty, and Johnny And The Raindrops.


Singles & EPs

Oct 11 - Remix from Music with Michal
Oct 12 - Together We Can from Tree Tree 123
During the lockdown, ideas flowed from Auckland, Wellington, Nelson, Takaka, and Christchurch. Lyrics and music ideas were shared, then vocals were recorded from each artist’s home studios during the lockdown and lovingly mixed by Levity Beet. Some of our children "next-generation kiwi kids musicians" joined in and recorded their sweet voices. There was a real feeling of togetherness and our song is an embodiment of the reason behind the song... bringing us together, bringing hope, and reminding us that "together we can make music"! It is our hope that this song brings energy and hope to families across the world as we fight this virus together. As well as positive messages about togetherness, the song also gives suggestions of things we can do together during this time eg. Gardening, putting on a play, etc. This upbeat song is full of enthusiasm, optimism, and friendship. May it be the new anthem for this difficult time and may it bring a smile and a sense of togetherness across the globe.
Oct 16 - Seasons from Little Parade
Oct 16 - The Freeze from Debbie Doo
Oct 16 - Glue from Frances England
Oct 16 - Carrot Song from Levity Beet
Oct 16 - Estaciones from Little Parade

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