Tim Seston

Tim Seston

Tim Seston has been entertaining audiences since 2006 with original stories and songs. A career as a teacher blended with experiences of fatherhood helps shape the way he interacts with children on a daily basis. Alongside puppet and his guitar, Tim brings warmth and kindness to each and every performance. He released his storytelling album, “Wake the Imagination” in 2013 followed by his first music album for kids, “Here To Play” in 2014. Tim is putting the finishing touches on his second music album for kids, “On a Roll” and is looking forward to its release in 2018. Tim serves on the board of directors of the Children’s Music Network (CMN) and is the editor of the CMN blog.

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North America > United States > North East > Massachusetts > Boston

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2006 -


    Tim Seston    

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