Hold Tight, Shine Bright by The Hold Tight Shine Bright Project

“Hold Tight Shine Bright” is a compilation album with a basic goal in mind—the preservation and promotion of love, hope and family. The children’s musicians, artists, collaborators, and contributors on this album believe that families seeking refuge in the United States of America need to remain together. We believe that unification is paramount and that children should be treated as such—children. The proceeds from “Hold Tight Shine Bright” will all go RAICES, Refugees and Immigration Center for Education Legal Services. RAICES is currently providing free and low-cost legal service to underserved immigrant children and families, which we believe is crucial in making a real difference. Find out more about RAICES at raicestexas.org

The goal is to spread light into the dark corners, raise awareness, and promote family unification.


The Hold Tight Shine Bright Project


Friday, August 31, 2018  

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