Singing with Sylvia

Sylvia Chave is Saskatchewan’s superstar to the sweet and sticky. Her one-woman music show inspires littles and bigs to giggle and wiggle together.

With her witty song hooks and wacky wardrobe changes, Sylvia can grab an audience’s attention like a new box of Girl Guide cookies. Her bright-orange “transformation station” is jam-packed with creative costumes that whisk both her and her audiences into a whimsical world of make-believe. Whether dressed as a fancy, flamenco-dancing fish or a boisterous, bearded pirate, Sylvia is sure to deliver grins.

Sylvia has a knack for taking the familiar and giving it a zany twist, such as her song about a crocodile’s dental visit. On stage or on repeat in the minivan, Sylvia’s memorable melodies and laughable lyrics are hits with kids and adults alike.

Years Active: 2004 -
      Sylvia Chave    
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Sylvia Chave

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