Peggy Seeger And Mike Seeger

Peggy Seeger and Mike Seeger were a brother-sister duo who played a vital role in the American folk revival of the mid-20th century. They immersed themselves in traditional music, selecting tunes that could capture and ignite a child’s imagination.

Their songs might range from traditional folk ballads, children’s songs, hymns, and protest music, pushing boundaries and challenging norms. Known for their distinctive bluegrass influence, their music serves as a mastery of acoustic performances marked by intricate fingerpicking on banjo and guitar.

Their comprehensive musical repertoire is educational, demonstrating a deep understanding and appreciation of folk music’s history and its role in storytelling and cultural preservation. Their performances are not just mere entertainment for children but an enriched experience that bridges the gap between music and history.

×Warning! This artist performs music that is not all targeted to children. We attempt to only list family-friendly albums here, but you should ensure that the music is appropriate for your children.

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