Mifflin Lowe

Mifflin Lowe is a children’s music artist known for creating lively, upbeat tunes filled with humor, life lessons, and imagination. His music spans a variety of genres, including folk, country, and rock, resulting in a rich, eclectic sound that appeals to kids and adults alike.

Lowe’s lyrics are known for their wit and warmth, as well as their ability to tackle a wide range of themes-from social skills and self-esteem to imagination and adventure – in a kid-friendly way. His storytelling skills shine through in each song, making his music as engaging as it is entertaining.

Despite the playful nature of his songs, Lowe often touches upon more serious subjects, such as environmental concerns and social justice, promoting a sense of awareness and responsibility among young listeners. With his imaginative music, Mifflin Lowe makes learning fun and meaningful.


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  • Songs: 16
  • Duration: 66 min.
  • Released: Oct 21, 2013
  • Songs: 18
  • Duration: 38 min.
  • Released: Sep 11, 2011
  • Songs: 19
  • Duration: 27 min.
  • Released: Jan 01, 2003

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