Matt Heaton and the Outside Toys

Matt Heaton and the Outside Toys

Matt Heaton believes music for kids can be entertaining for both children AND parents. His songs are a mix of rockabilly, surf, American roots, and Irish traditional music, delivered with a wry sense of humor and a sincere sense of fun. Children and adults respond to his musicianship and variety. The adults in the room particularly appreciate the Muppet-esque touches of humor and observations of kid behavior. Whether you call it children’s music, family music, kindie or toddlerbilly it’s sure to please listeners of all ages.

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North America > United States > North East > Massachusetts > Boston

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2010 -


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Matt's background includes several types of professional music endeavors. He has toured as a traditional Irish guitarist for 20+ years (in a duo with flute player wife, Shannon and other acclaimed Irish acts). He holds a Master's degree in classical guitar from Northwestern University. And he has played with surf rock bands in Chicago and Boston, including the currently active Electric Heaters.

When his son was born, Matt began attending sing-alongs at local libraries. Inspired to give it a try himself, he soon discovered that he truly enjoyed connecting with kids musically.

"Growing up, the main children's music I listened to was 'Free to Be You & Me,' 'Sesame Street,' and of course, 'The Muppets,'" he says of his own childhood. "The amazing thing about all those projects is how listenable they are today. In particular, The Muppet albums are full of great songs and musicianship with jokes aimed at adults. I try to bring some of those elements to my own music."


Matt Heaton

Emily Baker - Fiddle

Jim Haggerty - Bass

Jared Seabrook - Drums

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