Very Tiny Songs by Logan Whitehurst & The Junior Science Club

  1.   Very Tiny Sons (A Very Tiny Song)
  2.   Rosencrantz and Guildenstern
  3.   Peasprout and the Little Baby Chick
  4.   The Salad Days of the Vegetables
  5.   Bonebeard, the Dinosaur Pirate from Space
  6.   Kick It Into High Gear
  7.   Infinite Tube Of Toothpaste
  8. Damn the Cancer
  9.   Global Warming (Is a Lie)
  10.   If I Were a Pangolin
  11.   The Ant and the Block of Cheese
  12.   Susan
  13.   Ambassador Robert Robert W. Fitts
  14.   Underwater Basket Weaving
  15.   Michael Is The President of the English Club
  16.   Trapped In the Stomach of a Giant
  17.   What Will Laura Be When She Grows Up?
  18.   Invisible Shadows
  19.   Jen and Her Dog, Elvis
  20.   Snake Babies
  21.   Dr. Jekyll's Toothbrush
  22.   Riley Raccoon. Defender of Critter Village
  23.   Unicorns
  24.   Noelle Loves Shakesspeare
  25.   Glass Pop Bottles
  26.   The Periodic Table of the Elements
  27.   We Are Fire Ants
  28.   The Mischievous Elves of Iceland
  29. What It's Like In Japan
  30.   The Nature Kittle Nature Show Theme
  31.   Spherical Dice
  32. Contents Unknown
  33.   Lamentation on a Theme of Bubba's Secret
  34.   I Have An Extra Head
  35.   Osmosis
  36.   Gentoo Penguins
  37.   Schweepies
  38.   Ultimate Frisbee
  39.   Gelatin
  40.   Cecil, the Cantankerous Turtle
  41. Demonic Lizards
  42.   My Name Is Matlock
  43. He Didn't Like Caddyshack
  44.   Pink Lemons
  45.   Mr. T
  46.   The Girl Who Liked Baseball
  47.   Bryan Fernando Is Awesome
  48.   Lemmings will Do Whatever
  49.   The Amazing Journeys of Twelve Kittens Through Match And Science
  50.   Serving Size
  51.   The Tale of Raskolnikov and Marty McFly
  52.   Love Is a Cyborg Playing the Harpsichord
  53.   Daisy Is Dead
  54. TAB Cola
  55.   Substrates Plus Enzymes Equals Love
  56.   The Golden Goldfish
  57.   The No-Name Man (With No Name)
  58.   When Good Kiwis Go Bad
  59.   VCR Repairman
  60.   The Forests Are Plotting Their Revenge
  61.   Dr. Awkward
  62.   Villalpando
  63.   Igor Sikorski And The Helicopter
  64.   Monty The Tree
  65. Wimps Vs. Machos
  66.   A Sypup Bottle Shaped Like Me
  67.   Frogmasterman
  68.   A Bad Day At The Gangster-Operated Mom-and-Pop Shop
  69.   Gum
  70.   The Tiniest Dog In The World
  71.   Internal Banana Farm
  72.   Lost In LOST
  73.   The Ice Cream Man With the Bulgy Eye
  74.   Vanilla's Sexy Love Life
  75.   Super-Duper Smile Salesman
  76. The Villain Who Wears No Pants
  77.   The Toaster Who Struggled Up A Hill Only To Find He Was Already
  78.   Asian Afro
  79.   James Wrote A Song About Me
  80.   Melissa June, The Beautiful Deer
  81.   The Ballad Of William Archibald Spooner
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