Liz Buchanan

Liz Buchanan is an acclaimed children’s music artist known for her engaging and lively musical performances. A songwriter and educator, her music is inspired largely by her experience in primary education, with an emphasis on learning through music and movement.

Buchanan’s musical style is characterized by its upbeat nature, creative lyrics, and engaging melodies. Her songs often have educational themes, making them not only fun for children but also helpful in creating educational experiences. Given her background in education, she seamlessly blends learning with music, highlighting topics ranging from reading, math, nature, to languages.

Her recordings are recorded with children voices, making it relatable and enjoyable for young listeners, with a mix of genres including folk, pop, and traditional children’s music. Buchanan’s music encourages children to sing, dance, and learn, making her a favorite among both educators and parents.


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  • Songs: 10
  • Duration: 36 min.
  • Released: Jul 01, 2016
  • Songs: 15
  • Duration: 44 min.
  • Released: Mar 18, 2013
  • Songs: 15
  • Duration: 52 min.
  • Released: Mar 25, 2010

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