Jay Mankita

Jay Mankita is a renowned American children’s music artist renowned for his engaging and educational musical style. With a thriving career stretching for decades, Mankita combines a unique blend of beats, melodies, and wordplay to create music that not only entertains but also informs.

His musical repertoire features a whimsical amalgamation of traditional folk, blues, and pop, with clever lyrics and upbeat rhythms designed to spark imagination and promote active participation. Mankita’s songs frequently focus on themes like environmental conservation, nutrition, and human values, offering kids fun, interactive ways to learn about important life topics.

As a versatile songwriter and a seasoned performer, he is appreciated for his creative storytelling, humor, and energy, making each of his performances an enjoyable and memorable experience for children and adults alike. From sing-alongs to dancing tunes, Jay Mankita’s music continues to inspire and delight young audiences everywhere.


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  • Songs: 10
  • Duration: 33 min.
  • Released: Mar 11, 2008
  • Songs: 10
  • Duration: 40 min.
  • Released: Oct 28, 2004
  • Songs: 10
  • Duration: 35 min.
  • Released: Sep 01, 2004

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