Which One Am I? by Howie D


Howie D


Friday, July 12, 2019  


Listeners will no longer be wondering “which one is he?” by the end of this album. Instead, they’ll be saying, “Howie D? Don’t you know? He’s the one making amazing music for families!” Crossing genres and generations, Which One Am I? is sure to be a hit!
- Kids Rhythm and Rock (Jul 2019) - Read full review

WHICH ONE AM I? is professionally produced (by Tor Hyams) children's music, with many clever and personal songs, including the title track, plus "No Hablo Espanol"
- Mr Jeff 2000 (Jul 2019) - Read full review


  1.   Which One Am I?  (03:11)
  2. Back in the Day  (03:07)
  3. Monsters in My Head  (03:19)
  4. Shy  (03:38)
  5. Worry  (03:24)
  6. Pollyanna's Shadow  (02:56)
  7. School Bell Tango  (02:12)
  8. Small Time Blues  (02:59)
  9. No Hablo Español  (02:27)
  10. The Me I'm Meant to Be  (03:04)
  11. Back in the Day Reprise  (03:06)
  12. Lean on Me  (05:01)

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