Groove Kid Nation

Groove Kid Nation is a unique children’s music project, specifically aimed at introducing children to genuine soulful music styles. Rather than using childlike sounds typically found in kids’ music, they incorporate real instruments and world-class musicians to produce a premium sensory experience that can be appreciated by both children and adults.

Their musical style centers around funk, jazz, and soul, with an emphasis on fun and engaging storytelling. Incorporating catchy, sing-along style lyrics, they strive to help kids learn while fostering their love for music. The charming animations that accompany their songs further enhance the overall audio-visual experience.

Fundamentally, Groove Kid Nation’s aim is to educate children about music, creating a unique alternative to traditional children’s music. They achieve this by incorporating professional level musicianship and quality production values that appeal to children and their parents alike.


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  • Songs: 11
  • Duration: 49 min.
  • Released: Apr 16, 2013
  • Songs: 10
  • Duration: 45 min.
  • Released: Sep 20, 2011
  • Duration: 47 min.
  • Released: Mar 08, 2011

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