Chiqui Music Boom by Flor Bromley

Chiqui Music Boom” is the bilingual debut music CD by Flor Bromley. This music experience encompasses rhythms and sounds from around the world including Peruvian Festejo, Brazilian Samba, Mexican Mariachi, Blue-Grass, and Rock n’ Roll. Flor shows us that children’s music is not just for children, but can be enjoyed by adults and families of all ages.

Produced by Flor Bromley with the musical talents and arrangements of Sinuhe Padilla, “Chiqui Music Boom” kicks off with a homage to her native roots: a Peruvian Festejo inspired Hello/Hola song that invites children to dance and hop along. This catchy tune is followed by the Brazilian Samba tune “Kitty”. “The Zoo” is an energy filled Rock n’ Roll tribute and “Hibernation/Hibernacion” is a Blue-Grass story-like song. Next is “De Colores”, the only full Spanish song in the album, this Mexican Mariachi version of this popular tune is a delight to hear and brings memories of home. Up next in the album comes “Birds Fly/Las Aves Vuelan”, a slower tune filled with heart and latin sounds. “I am Crazy for Books/Amo los Libros”, is a tribute to books; and is perfect to motivate your little one to read. Finally, “It’s Time to Say Goodnight/Nos Vamos a Dormir” is a gorgeous lullaby to end the album with and put the little ones to sleep.


Flor Bromley


Sunday, November 29, 2015   Week of Saturday, December 5, 2015  


  1.   Hola  (02:28)
  2.   Kitty  (02:40)
  3.   Hibernation  (03:08)
  4.   Hibernation  (03:08)
  5.   The Zoo  (02:19)
  6.   Las Aves Vuelan  (03:14)
  7.   I Am Crazy for Books  (02:45)
  8.   It's Time to Say Goodnight  (03:35)

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