Flor Bromley

Flor Bromley is a recording artist, bilingual singer/songwriter, actress, storyteller and puppeteer. She has a degree in Acting, Musical Theatre Performance and a BA in Theatre Education. Her voice can be heard as a VoiceOver artist for Rosetta Stone (Spanish) and Solar City. Flor’s talents have been showcased at Repertorio Español, Teatro SEA, Univision and NBC Universal. She performs all around NY with her musical/storytelling shows at acclaimed venues such as the NYPL, WaveHill, Sugar Hill Children’s Museum of Art and Storytelling, the NY Children’s Theatre Festival, the Westchester Children’s Museum, the Westchester Public Library System, El Museo del Barrio and many more.

Her love for music began at a very early age. She wrote her first song at the age of 14. Out of drama school, she started working with the Peruvian Ministry of Education taking her stories and music to the most needed and isolated places. When Flor began working with children, she was inspired by their magical sense of imagination and started creating songs with them and for them. “Chiqui Music Boom” is her bilingual debut music album. Her music experience encompasses rhythms and sounds from around the world including Peruvian Festejo, Brazilian Samba, Mexican Mariachi, Blue-Grass, and Rock n’ Roll. Flor shows us that children’s music is not just for children, but can be enjoyed by adults and families of all ages.

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