Dan + Claudia Zanes

Dan + Claudia Zanes are a unique children’s music duo, known for their folk-style melodies and engaging storytelling. Their music is characterized by instrumentations rooted in traditional sounds, including strings, brass, and woodwinds. Their songs are particularly popular due to their multicultural themes, reflected in their lyrics that incorporate English, Spanish, and Korean languages. From lighthearted fun tunes to messages of inclusiveness and love, their music has a universal appeal that transcends age limits. With numerous albums under their belts, they make music to not just entertain children, but also to engage them in learning about diverse cultures and promoting positive messages. Dan + Claudia Zanes entertain their young audiences with a vibrant energy, while nurturing a love of music and storytelling. Their sound is upbeat, warm, folk-inspired, and playfully educational—the perfect blend for modern children’s music.

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