Chibi Kodama

Chibi Kodama is a unique children’s music band, combining elements of pop, punk, and alternative rock to energize young listeners. Known for their family-friendly lyrics, the band creates a joyful atmosphere that both kids and adults can enjoy.

Their music is both upbeat and engaging, focusing on themes of imagination, fun, and the celebration of childhood. It’s purposefully designed to be catchy and easy to sing along with, serving as positive, energetic background noise for playtime or road trips.

Chibi Kodama’s delivery is refreshingly authentic, as they place importance on being relatable to the younger audience. They accomplish this by using age-appropriate language and engaging in meaningful storytelling that is integral to their lyrical content.

Altogether, Chibi Kodama has a unique, nuanced approach to children’s music which simultaneously amuses young listeners while also providing a fun, rock-tinged experience for the whole family to bond over.


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  1. Uncle
    January 30, 2018 at 8:56 pm

    I am the biggest Chibi fan!!! John’s lyrics and production mixed with the rockin’ spunk of the girls….every tune gets my household jamming out!

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