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Boxtop Jenkins

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Franklin Bunn - vocals, guitars, basses, handsaw, harmonica
Gerry Hansen - drums
Shawn Mullins - bgvs, The Skeleton, The Doctor
Tom Ryan - bass, baritone sax, bgv
Ken Gregory - Trumpet
Karen Greene - Sax
Bob Lewis - Trombone
Brandon Bush - keyboards
Kevin Leahy - drums, vibes, marimba
Davis Causey - electric guitar
Bret Hartley - electric guitar
Marty Kearns - hammond organ, rhodes, accordion, garbage cans
Patrick Belden - keyboards, electric guitar, other cool sounds
Alex Matullo - shakers, bgvs
Cynthia Matullo - bgvs, The Witch
Lindsey Porter - bgvs
Amy Ray - bgvs
Emily Saliers - banjo, bgvs
Dean Bunn - vocals
Nick, Bella, & Tommy Destephano, Joseph Miller - bgvs

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