PlaytimePlaylist’s Top 10 Albums of 2018

Kindie music is alive and thriving.  We have seen more than 300 family-friendly albums released in 2018.  There is something for everyone no matter what your taste in music.  It was very tough but we put together a list of our top ten albums from this year.  If you haven’t listened to these give them a try.  When we looked at the list, one of the really amazing things was spread out these artists are.  From the Pacific North West to New England and places in between.   That means no matter where you are, you have some great family-friendly artists near you (some on this list and others not).

If you like this music, listen to it online, buy it, tell your friends about it, and most importantly go see these artists live with your kids.

OK, here is the list (in no particular order):

Recess MonkeyFamily Photo Album
Recess Monkey’s sense of humor is strong with this one.  With the single Chewy to Your Han brings an immediate connection to who has been a kid anytime in the last 40 years.
The Not-Its! – Ready or Not
A solid rock album that happens to be kid friendly too, the Not-Its gave us a great upbeat album that we have had in our rotation since it came out.
Red Yarn – Red Yarn’s Old Barn
Red Yarn brings an amazing amount of passion to his songs that both kids and parents will enjoy.  With multiple layers of meaning, this albums gets better every time you listen to it.  A great album to remind everyone that “there’s room here in my Old Barn for you”.
Secret Agent 23 Skidoo – Wake Up The Dream
Secret Agent 23 Skidoo may not be keeping his Secret Agent status much longer as he continues to produce outstanding music that kids and parents will continue to sing long after the music stops.  Secret Agent 23 Skidoo continues to feature styles not heard very often in kindie music.
Josh & the Jamtones – We Are O.N.E!
With some great covers, this is a great album to introduce your kids to some amazing music with a high energy ska treatment.  Full of power, this will kid the kids (and parents) dancing for hours.
Mo Phillips – Supa Stupefying
“Congratulations you have Ice Cream”, that line alone made this album one of our favorites of 2018 but Mo’s smooth catchy songs give us a lot to listen to.
Lucy Kalantari – All the Sounds
Lucy Kalantari provides true to form jazz music with lyrics that kids love.  This is a great gateway to get your kids excited about jazz.
FRANK & DEANE – The Nation of Imagine
With an upbeat collection of kid-friendly music with a great sense of humor, this is an album you’ll want to listen all the way through (the interludes are very enjoyable as well).
Vered – Songs for Brothers and Sisters
Vered explores some complicated and very real dynamics in families and with siblings with her lyrics with some great music.  This is a pleasure to listen too and gives you the bonus of helping you explain some emotions your kids may be working through.
Frances England – Blue Skies and Sunny Days
Frances England gives us an album with thoughtful lyrics is a great album to have to help both kids and parents chill out and relax.
If you want to stream these albums, you can listen on Spotify with this Playlist (for those albums available)

Honorable Mention

The Happy Racers – A Merry Very Christmas
Normally, we wouldn’t put a Christmas album on this list, but this is just a great album.  With the perfect mix of classic tunes and originals with a rock/ska treatment.  If you didn’t have this in your holiday rotation for this year, be sure to save it for next year (although this is a good reason to celebrate Christmas all year round).

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